Jus by Julie – 3 day cleanse review (Kick Off!)

I started quarterly cleanses (give or take a few months) in 2011, all of which have been based on cold-pressed juices.  I’ve focused on a handful of companies which have been/will be detailed in other posts however am always on the

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Day 1 Line Up

lookout for new and interesting menus.  Groupon provides no shortage of new offerings deals from lesser known companies flooding my email weekly.  This is where I discovered the Jus by Julie juice cleanse, which differentiates itself through being a blended juice and smoothie cleanse rather than cold-pressed.  This means you actually get the fiber and pulp from the ingredients instead of purely the juice, producing a thicker, pulpier experience.  With the onset of cooler weather, the thought of thick, creamier drinks was too hard to resist.  I have to admit that I’m also looking forward to a variety of ingredients beyond traditional cleanses (strawberries, banana, peanut butter!).

Over the next few days I will be outlining my experience on the 3 day cleanse as ordered through a Groupon promotion.  Note that this cleanse was not marked as either Classic or Renewal (the offerings on the official Jus by Julie site).  The Classic Cleanse as outlined on the site seems to be a little more decadent and sugary, with the Renewal cleanse providing offerings more in line with a standard cleanse. In my shipment it looks as though I may have received a combination reflective of both.

Initial Differentiators:

  • Blended juice providing fiber – This should provide thicker, more filling beverages that could stave off hunger for cleansers.  I usually don’t have an issue with hunger while cleansing but for those who do I imagine the thicker drinks should help.  I am not a doctor so don’t take this for anything other than my own musings, however the fiber may also reduce the need for an accompanying laxative, which is really a must on pressed-juice cleanses.  On the downside, for those looking for the truest break for their digestive systems, this also means there will be a little more to process.  (Again, not a doctor – just my humble thoughts/thought process.)
  • More fruit and decadent ingredients on introductory cleanses that you don’t see in many other cleanses (peanut butter and banana in particular)
  • Rice milk used as a base for many drinks rather than simply the fruits and vegetables.

Initial Observations (Day 0):

  • Be prepared to start the day after delivery:  My shipment was scheduled to arrive on a Tuesday, which was also the day I planned to start for a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday cleanse.  I’ve received most other companies shipments early enough in the day to start on day of receipt, however this shipment did not arrive until 6pm.  (The Jus by Julie website clearly outlines this possibility on their website in the FAQ so it was not a miss on their part, just a disappointment on mine).
  • The juices arrive frozen / partially frozen to aid in preservation.  This is different than the other companies I’ve tried, and if you are planning to start the day of delivery you may have to let your drinks sit out a little longer before they melt completely for consumption.  (Note that I immediate put my Day 3 in the freezer per company recommendation since I was starting the day after delivery).

Organic Avenue Offering 1-Day Cleanse

New to cleansing?  Need a quick reboot?  One of my favorite juice companies is now offering their 1-day cleanse.  It’s $65 and available nationwide.  Their menu varies but if you’re lucky you’ll get a Carrot Juice.  Who knew carrots could be so creamy and sweet?!?!

Fresh Pressed Coconut Water Everyday

I have a love-hate relationship with coconut water.  I’d basically shunned it altogether after a series of name-brand purchases left me with nothing but a slimy mouth and unfinished bottle, with the taste just not worth the calories or hydration.  Needless to say I was less than thrilled when, on my second cleanse ever (Cooler Cleanse), I had a bottle of it as part of my day 2 afternoon regime.  Drum-roll… I loved it!  It tasted nothing like the grocery store boxes lined up in rows, and I found myself addicted and looking forward to it even more than the lemonades it often replaced.  I loved it so much I thought I’d give the grocery store options a second chance, again with the money and water going down the drain.

The raw, freshed-pressed coconut water is such a nutty and refreshing experience so different from the mass-marketed products, and I’ve finally found a raw juice available on its own through various outlets (I can confirm Whole Foods, and Amazon has it listed, though out of stock).  Harmless Harvest Coconut Water promises all the raw goodness without the need to purchase the 1, 3 or 5 day cleanse or spend $10/bottle from the cleanse companies.  It’s not cheap, I’ll say that, at $5.99 for a large bottle, but for a more affordable hydration boost (or treat, in my case), it’s worth giving a try.  All the unheated, fresh-pressed goodness.

Note:  Cooler Cleanse and Organic Avenue offer awesome coconut waters through their online menus and cleanses.